Veriflo are experts in clean water asset services and leakage management
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Veriflo Ltd is a professional strategic project management company, specialising in clean water asset services.

We use our skills and ownership of projects to plan for and deliver clean water management solutions for our clients’ assets. While our team has years of collective experience in a diverse range of installation and maintenance projects, it’s our commitment to diligence in clean water asset management that differentiates what we do from others.

At Veriflo, every project is unique. Our mission is to plan, develop and implement the best water asset solutions based on client needs. With a focus on zero customer impact, water quality standards and a blend of analysis, management and expertise.

Delivering excellence in clean water asset management:

All our services have been developed to manage new and existing clean water assets in a way that is efficient, cost-effective and helps our clients meet their objectives. We will proactively look at the challenges facing your organisation and deliver the best possible solution for your unique needs.

Our team consists of a number of exceptionally experienced professionals. Already, Veriflo has created and implemented smarter solutions for the delivery of a number of major infrastructure projects. Our technical knowledge, experience and adaptable solutions mean we were able to deliver projects without any supply impact.



Asset Investigation and Validation

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Hand in hand with mains isolations, Veriflo has a proven understanding of the location and status of assets in the network, along with knowledge of leakage at both a DMA and trunk main level. The ability to risk assess mains isolation impact and carry out incident free isolations are fundamentally dependent on our accurate comprehension of asset status’s.

Using our experience and knowledge of the network and highly skills back office support, project leads and field teams, Veriflo have cemented this service as a cornerstone in all projects.


Planned and Emergency Main Isolations

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As a fundamental part to all aspects of network access, from planned activities to emergency burst management, Veriflo manage isolations in a controlled and methodical manner, with an understanding of hydraulics, water quality and best operating practices in relation to all valve and asset operation, ensuring minimal impact to water quality, interruptions to the customer and disruption to the water network.

Veriflo see this as a fundamental skill for all our field resource. Our teams are exposed to all main sizes, from domestic to trunk mains up to 42”, carrying out regular isolation following and adhering to often complex method statements.


Clean Water Network Risk Assessment (PTW)

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The PTW (Permit To Work) service is the risk assessment of working near or on clean water distribution, trunk or transmission main of all sizes. Our knowledgeable and experienced team, provide a full asset assessment to create a detailed method statement for safe network isolations conforming to strict DWI guidelines.

These include: pre-planning works to ensure water quality is maintained to the highest levels, control strategies and contingency plans detailing network configuration or pumping strategies, to maintain water supply avoiding CGS, SI4 and SI12 points.


Reservoir Outages

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Veriflo offer a complete ‘end to end’ service for all aspects of the outage process, from handing over an empty reservoir for inspection to filling it ready to be commissioned back into supply. Our highly skilled management and field team deliver complex reservoir outages on time for inspection and returning them into supply once all water quality criteria have been met and sign off obtained.

On completion, a bespoke report will be provided detailing activity times, photos and a summary of events/findings.


Hydraulic Reports

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Veriflo can carry out detailed analysis of trunk main water networks to understand flow and pressure profiles. The optimisation of leakage surveys by ensuring correct pumping strategies are in place and they are scheduled at the at the most beneficial time of day. Better understanding of trunk main hydraulics can ensure maximum benefit from existing internal acoustic trunk main leakage detection methods.

Early detection and repair of trunk main leaks is crucial to minimise the likelihood of catastrophic failure which can lead to significant disruption and risk to the general public. Veriflo can support the end to end process for trunk main leakage detection to reduce survey abort rates and demonstrate intelligent investment to its regulators and stake holders.


Chlorination and Dechlorination

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Utilising our bespoke and fit for purpose units and qualified specialist team, Veriflo delivers complex chlorination’s and dechlorination’s on critical mains within very strict timeframes. All projects are delivered to an impeccably high standard adhering to strict water quality sample clearance processes.

Veriflo are able to chlorinate mains of all sizes and adhere to varying dosing requirements. As an example of the scale of mains undertaken Veriflo have chlorinated and commissioning back into service the Thames Water Ring Main.

Minimising risk and delivering value


While our focus is always on delivering project objectives in a timely, efficient manner; when it comes to risk assessment, we work closely with each client using best industry practices to comply with all regulatory standards and deliver the best possible solution and outcome for our client’s organisation.


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Veriflo are specialists in clean water asset services and leakage management

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