At Veriflo we are pleased to announce our brand new training and development programme

Our aim is to provide the Water utility industry with competent and skilled key workers who are able to deliver both a compliant and high standard of work. Our programmes can be catered to the requirements of the learner and we can work with clients to create bespoke training programmes designed specifically to your needs.

We can provide for:

New Starters

As part of a company induction programme. New to industry workers

Personal Development

Individuals looking to bolster their CV’s. Those looking to start a career in the water industry

Experienced Persons

Refresher/renewal training. A new challenge; all our courses will challenge and interest you

Companywide Training

Achieving compliance in training. As part of a wider programme of training

Veriflo Training inspires excellence in the water industry’s essential workers


At Veriflo Training, we are able to provide bespoke courses for companies and individuals. If you would like to explore the options for delivering training at your company premises, please contact us.

Alternatively, for individual courses please take a look at our upcoming course programme.

In support of COVID-19 restriction measures, physical classroom courses are limited to a maximum of 6 delegates to ensure social distancing is maintained.


National Water Hygiene (1/2 day)

National Water Hygiene training, otherwise known as ‘blue card training’, is a mandatory requirement for anyone entering clean water sites or engaging in operations on the clean water network. This half day interactive course covers four key modules:
  • The importance of Water
  • Water as a carrier of disease
  • Potential contamination and its consequences
  • Preventing contamination
This nationally recognised course and material are delivered by an EUSR approved trainer and industry expert. 
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SHEA Water (1 day)

Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness training has been developed for those who require access to operational sites within the water industry, both permanent and temporary, at all levels including operatives, supervisors and management. The key focus of the course is on the risks associated with he water industry, how to keep yourself and others safe and to understand the impact of your actions when working in the water industry. Modules of the course are:

  • The importance of Water
  • Understanding the effects of our work on the environment
  • Identifying and Controlling Risk
  • Common Hazards in the workplace
  • Sewerage network and process operations (water specific)
  • Highway working and excavations (water specific)
  • Occupational Health Hazards
  • Responding to emergencies
This nationally recognised course and material are delivered by an EUSR approved trainer and industry expert. 
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Emergency First Aid (1 day)

This course provides the skills required for an individual to have the confidence to deal with emergency, life threatening situations. The course introduces the basic skills required to effectively and competently provide assistance in any emergency scenario. The content helps meet the requirements for workplace First Aid as laid out in the Health and Safety Regulations 1981. This is an interactive course which is delivered by trainers with significant knowledge in the field across many specialisms and industries.
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First Aid at Work (3 days)

In addition to what is covered in the Emergency First Aid course, this hands-on HSE recognised course covers the practical skills needed in the treatment of injuries and medical conditions and will help develop and further the skills required to assist someone who is unresponsive and not breathing. This is an interactive course which is delivered by trainers with significant knowledge in the field across many specialisms and industries. Please enquire to find out how we can make the course specific to your industry and workplace.
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First Aid at Work Refresher (2 days)

This course is designed to update those who have completed the First Aid at Work course and need to refresh their qualification. Please refer to HSE guidelines regarding refresher timelines before booking this course.
This course has a hands on approach to deal with a real life situation and is delivered by trainers with significant knowledge in the field across many specialisms and industries
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Valve Operations (1 day)

(Can be paired with CALM Networks to create a 2 day course)

This course is designed for individuals who work on the Clean Water Mains Network. It focuses on the skills required to operate network assets such as sluice valves and fire hydrants. It also teaches learners basic activities associated with the Mains Water Network such as how to isolate mains methodically, correctly and safely. The course has both theory and practical elements using our dedicated training rig which allows for multiple scenario based training activities. Modules include:

  • The importance of Water
  • Safe working area
  • Assets found on the Mains Water Network
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Valve Operation techniques
  • Manual Handling considerations
  • Mains isolations procedures
  • Water quality impact
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CALM Networks (1 day)

(Can be paired with Valve Operations to create a 2 day course)

Incorrect operation of Mains Water assets can lead to significant damage and leakage which costs water companies millions every year. This course is designed to teach learners about the causes of transient surges on the water network. The course is relevant to anyone who operates assets on the mains water network including network technicians, leakage technicians, repair & maintenance workers, fire service personnel, private contractors and Fire Hydrant permit holders. This course uses both theory and practical training to enable learners to prove competence in how to correctly work on the Mains Water Network and limit the risk of burst mains, supply interruptions and the associated consequences for themselves and their employers. Modules include:

  • The importance of Water
  • Causes of transient pressure
  • Consequences of transient pressure
  • Pressure management
  • CALM Network procedures
  • Practical training on correct procedures
  • Practical assessment
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Manual Handling (1/2 day)

This course is aimed at anyone who has, or has the potential to, lift objects in the workplace. The course focuses on theory and practical based elements to ensure learners come away from the course with a comprehensive understanding of Manual Handling considerations on the workplace and able to demonstrate competent ways of lifting and carrying objects in the workplace. Modules include:

  • Statutory requirements in the workplace
  • Considerations when carrying out activities
  • Introduction to anatomy and physiology
  • Manual Handling principles
  • Practical elements of Manual Handling
  • Skill fade and how to avoid it
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Water Safety (1 day)

This course is designed to provide skills and knowledge for those working around or over deep or dangerous water. Anyone working by rivers, reservoirs, lakes, water courses, open water areas or supervise or manage those who do would benefit from this Health and Safety based course. A theory and practical based course which will provide learners with a deeper understanding of the risks associated with water, the control measures required and the response options in an event. Modules include:

  • Introduction to principles of water movement
  • Risks of deep and flowing water
  • Risk Assessment
  • Static Water
  • Fast flowing water
  • PPE and equipment
  • Mains isolations procedures
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Also coming soon:

NRSWA Unit 2 – Signing, Lighting & Guarding | Working at Height Awareness | Confined Space Awareness | Mains Water Leakage

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